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The Story of Special Shit

One day, Dan’s stockbroker, Randy, watched as Dan sprinkled something from a very non-descript jar onto some juicy rib-eye steaks. Randy wanted to know the origin of the seasoning and Dan informed him that it was his own concoction. A few days later Randy asked if he could have some of the spice. Dan didn’t know what he was talking about until Randy said “you know...your Special Shit.”

Well, a legend was born.

Friends and co-workers began encouraging Dan to manufacture Special Shit in quantity so they could give it to their friends and family. Soon, co-workers were ordering it by the case. One of Dan’s clients began using it as sales incentives; another shipped it to their international sales offices. Folks in more than 17 countries have now enjoyed Special Shit.

After the first Christmas Special Shit was available, the phone began ringing off the wall. “Do you have any other Shit?” the caller would say. Unfortunately we didn’t. Dan headed to the kitchen to try and make complementary products to Special Shit. In a few months Good Shit and Aw Shit were born. From there Dan eventually came up with Dip Shit, Hot Shit, BBQ Shit, Bull Shit, Get Your Shit Together, BBQ Shit Kit, Box o’ Shit, and the Whole Shit and Kaboodle.

Any time new visitors are invited to the Big Cock Ranch, they want to know how Dan makes the barbecue or steaks or whatever he’s cooking taste so good. Dan usually lies to them initially and tells them it is because he is such a good cook. But reluctantly he admits to Special Shit being responsible for the accolades.

Most first time customers purchase our products for the label and the novelty of the product. It doesn’t take them long however to discover the delicious taste. You can almost be guaranteed they will return for more when they run out. Our products also make the perfect gift. Depending on the budget, we offer something for everyone.