Ahead of the Curve 

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  • Some Holiday Magic
  • November BONUS Special
Ahead of the Curve
Some Holiday Magic

We're all seeing them now: ads for Black Friday sales. But really, why would you wade through crowds of rabid deal-seekers when you can get a great deal for everyone on your list by visiting SpecialShit.com?
Every year, we roll out special holiday deals all through the months of November and December-- just make sure to check our newsletter and see what's on sale! Right now we've got a special deal on Give-a-Shit (our build-your-own gift pack) plus a variety pack of our DipShit mixes, available only through this newsletter with the code shown below.

And starting on Nov. 15th through the end of December, get the Whole Sh*t & Kaboodle at a great price, through this newsletter only (use the code below at checkout!)! It's the mother of all gift packs, with some of everything we have to offer included within. Whether you spoil your favorite person (or your favorite client!) with the whole shebang or you break it up into little stocking stuffers for your friends, coworkers, and loved ones, it's a great way to show you care. 
November  Bonus Special

Bonus Special: 
The Whole Sh*t & Kaboodle 
Our Ultimate Collection! 
1 SpecialShit, 1 ChickenShit, 1 GoodShit, 1 AwShit, 1 BullShit,
1 HotShit Salsa, 1 BBQ Sauce, 3 DipShit for Vegetables, and
3 DipShit for Fruit 
On Sale Until December 31st
Only $66.99 (regularly $74.00)
Click Here to Order Now!
Use Coupon Code kitkab
This offer expires 12/31/18.
November Special:
Give-a-Sh*t + Dip Sampler  
Gift Pack includes 3 bottles of gourmet seasonings 
(you choose which ones!) 
PLUS 3 each of DipShit for Fruit and DipShit for Vegetables
On Sale Until November 30th  
Regularly a $42.99 value for only $34.99!
Use Coupon Code GASDIPS.
Click Here to Order Now! 
This offer expires 11/30/18. 
Giving Sh*t to customers might seem out of-the-ordinary for a small business like ours, but we've got the best customers in the world! Oh and our Sh*t is highly enjoyable, might I add. We are so grateful for your business and it brings us joy every day when you include us in your photos, your conversations, and your lives. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, and we'll see you in a couple of weeks!

Dan Martin 
(the SpecialShit Guy)

Dan Martin  (the SpecialShit Guy)