September 2018  
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  • Too Cool for School
  • September Special: Get Your Sh*t Together
  • Recipe: Stuffed Dove Breasts (feat. GoodShit)
It's that Time Again
Too Cool For School  
It's September, and school has begun for students everywhere.Homework, sports, band... the next several months are going to be a non-stop blur of activity. But as usual, we've got you covered!

And this month, of course we've got your simple weekday dinners covered (as per the usual), but since it's about to be dove season, we've also got a great recipe for dove breast! Of course, if you don't have dove, it would work just fine on chicken, Cornish hens, or whatever other poultry you enjoy.

September Special
Get Your Sh*t Together 
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Recipe: Stuffed Dove Breasts (feat. GoodShit)  
Stuffed Roasted Dove Breasts (feat. GoodShit)  
It's that time again: dove season! If you've bagged a few and want to do something a little different with them this time, check this recipe out!!
* 24 de-boned dove breasts
* GoodShit
* 24 pitted dates, each cut in half
* 24 tsps soft goat cheese
* 24 small sprigs of thyme
* 24 slices of pancetta (bacon may be substituted)

1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Place the dove breast skin side down, sprinkle lightly with GoodShit, and put two date halves in the center.
2. Drop a tsp of goat cheese on top, and then top with a sprig of thyme.
3. Lay a slice of pancetta down, then fold the dove breast together and place at one end of the pancetta. Roll the pancetta around the dove breast until it is fully covered. Set on a baking tray with the pancetta seam side down.
4. Repeat these steps to all the doves, lining them up and spacing them evenly on the baking sheet. Cook in the oven for 35-45 minutes or until the pancetta is crispy.

Tip: this recipe would be great with other dried fruits, like apricots, apples, or even cranberries. 
We hope your family's transition back into the school year has been going well so far---we know how stressful it can be. So, make sure you find some time to take a moment now and then to take a break for your sanity. And if you go dove hunting, then be safe and good luck! We'll see you next month!

Dan Martin 

(the SpecialShit Guy)



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