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Fan Mail

Our Shit is so good, it's got its own fans! Check out the shit they have to say.

Did you know that SpecialShit Seasonings has a Facebook page? Add us and brag to your friends! Find out what everyone's talking about!

Here's a message we got from Charlie W., who wants to try Special Shit with Korean food, apparently. Thanks, Charlie!


An old friend of mine in The Woodlands, TX, Melody M. told me about you guys and she is trying to send me some of your shit! I love it! Looks like you guys have some great shit and I can't wait to get my hands on your shit!

Sincerely (no shit),
Charlie W.
Gyeongnam, Korea


This message from Allison is very nice, but we at the Big Cock Ranch want to be clear: STEALING IS WRONG... unless of course you share it with others! Thanks Allison!


A few days ago I was going through my boyfriend's spice cabinet when I came across the "Aw Shit" seasoning. I was intrigued. I tasted it and it was the most delicious seasoning I have ever had. I poured it on my whole dinner plate - mashed potatoes, meatloaf, corn, and peas. I completely coated my entore plate in a layer of delicious red seasoning. It was the best meal ever. I have since stolen my boyfriend's seasoning and use it on everything I eat. I just wanted to say thanks for making my meals more delicious. This Christmas I will be sharing the joy of Shit to my whole family.



This is a letter we got from Sgt. Julio Pena out in Afghanistan. We are sure glad to help out our troops in any way that we can!


Hi my name is SGT Pena and I am deployed to Afghanistan. I am stationed with other NATO troops and we (they have access to meat). So I do a lot of grilling. There is not much to do here so BBQ's are a big thing. I am originally from Texas and I was driving through North Texas Nacona and I bought a bottle of Good Shit and I love it. I would like to order some more but not many companies ship APO. And our Internet blocks your site. I got your e-mail from my wife. I will attach some pictures so you can see our stuff.

Thanks for your time,
SGT Pena, Julio

photo sent from Sgt. Julio Pena

photo sent from Sgt. Julio Pena

Looks like Diane is finally finished with her Christmas shopping! Thanks for the message, Diane, and happy holidays!


We laughed so hard when reading the label on the Special Shit (which we found in NC Mountains)... can't wait until Christmas - my sisters will LOVE this, and I just recently heard my sister talking about cooking the same old shit! LOL!
And also, the product is good and contains the spices that I tend to use anyway, so nice to have in a single package :)

Diane H.


We're sure happy we could help make the holidays a bit brighter for our brave soldiers overseas. Thanks from all of us at the Big Cock Ranch for all that you do, guys!


Dan thank you for the Shit, the salsa is incredible. We love the shirts- I gave one to each of my guys. Here is another picture. You are welcome to post them on your site or whatever. I received the product last week but our communication was down so I could not respond sooner. Thanks again. A couple of my German friends say they are going to order your products as well. I also posted this picture on Facebook. Thank you again.

SGT Pena
Photo sent from Sgt. Julio Pena

Photo sent from Sgt. Julio Pena

Photo sent from Sgt. Julio Pena


Francis has got the right idea here: BBQ Shit is not just for BBQ; it's good on everything! Thanks for sending, Francis!


I received a bottle of BBQ Shit for Christmas yesterday. I made a ham sandwich this afternoon, put some BBQ Shit on it. It was great, ,gave the sandwich a unique taste, will do it again to be sure!!!

Francis W.


Margie has inspired us here at the Big Cock Ranch to share our recipe for Pinto Beans. You can find the recipe in our Recipes section... we hope you like it as much as she does!


Hi there,
My husband tried your "Special Shit" while attending an out class last year in Junction, Texas. He loved it. So... I ordered a kit for him for Christmas and we use it often. Yesterday, I went online and saw your recipe for pinto beans and had it for lunch, brought some to work tonight too... other folks liked it just as well as us. It's the only way I plan on eating pinto beans from now on!
Thanks for the recipe!

Clayton, AL


Sometimes an injury can make you reflect on what's really important in life: good food! Thanks for writing, Donna, and we hope your foot heals up real nice! We hear that beans and pork tenderloin are just what the doctor ordered.


I am making your beans (on crutches with a broken foot) for the second time in a week. I made them last weekend for my husband and I, and we shared them with everyone. Today is my granddaughter's 13th birthday party and I just put a pot on to take over to my son's for a mexican food potluck. I cooked 2 pork tenderloins in 2 bottles of beer and 1 Tbsp. of Special Shit overnight in my crockpot. I am going to serve it with tortillas instead of cornbread. I ordered 2 more boxes of your seasonings for my husband's coworkers so he can give them the recipe. Love all of your stuff! Thanks for sharing the recipe.



Who knew Special Shit was so versatile? Thanks to Julie's ingenuity, our horizons are now broader than ever. Thanks Julie!


We use Special Shit in our Bloody Mary recipe at our bar. Just wanted you to know people love it.



It sounds like Carolyn is really quite the expert on Shit. We believe that everyone could learn a thing or two from her. Thanks for the message, Carolyn!


This is really some good shit! If you've never tried this Special Shit, you don't know what you're missing. Aw Shit and Good Shit are also very tasty! All this shit is good on any kind of meat, and makes a delicious tasting savory shit for using on popcorn! Heck, this shit is so good, our brother-in-law, Tom, sent some of this shit to Arkansas for us for Christmas! You gotta try this shit it's sooo good! I ain't shittin ya!



You know, some people are just really good at talking Shit. Thanks Shelby!


Ever since receiving some Special Shit as a gift from a friend, I've been spreading the word about the Shit. Its the shit. From Tilapia, to T-Bones, to scrambled eggs, it gets the job done. Thanks for unleashing the shit upon the masses. I will do my best to convert as many as I can to the Shit, until I die from a natural death, or from some other shit.

Thanks again, Shelby     
Waco (total shithole), Tx


Well Dr. Wile, we are certainly impressed at the abundance of meat at your tailgate; that's how it should be done! Thanks for showing off your Shit!


Keep up the good shit…..I was visiting my brother in Austin, Texas and saw your products in a liquor store.  After reading all the descriptions on the backs of Special, Good and Aw shit I went to the cash register with a jar of Special Shit.  I asked the cashier “Is this good shit” and he said “No, the Good Shit is right next to the Aw shit”.
Anyway, as a coach at the Air Force Academy and the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory in our athletic department I get to head up one tailgate per year.  This year I prepared 250 pounds of meat including 18 racks of center cut smoked beef ribs, 50 pounds of New Orleans country style pork ribs, 50 pounds of Cajun chicken, and 50 pounds of Coach Wile’s Hot Legs (not wings, lot more meat).  I had all of your spices at my 8 burner grill (should have taken pictures for you) and the shit was a big hit.  I told people about your website and hopefully they will purchase some of your products.
I am having a Christmas shindig at the house and once again I will have your stuff out there for all to see, it is always a hit.

A. L. Wile PhD (ABD)
Director, Human Performance Laboratory
Director of Sports Vision
USAF Academy, CO


We here at the Big Cock Ranch love when people get into the spirit of giving shit- it's really one of the finer qualities of humanity. Thanks Steve!


Your products are really amazing. I am giving them as gifts this year and couldn't be happier to be doing so.



Rick has experienced just the tip of the iceberg here. Thanks Rick!


Got it today. Tried it on popcorn. Good shit!!!!



You know, Ron, we think that's a great idea too. (Good Shit is great on sweet potato fries too, and you can even add a dash of Special Shit!). Thanks for sharing!


Have been using your products almost every day. Last week we were out of potatoes so we used sweet potatoes instead. Slice and coated with Good Shit and cooked with steaks on the grill. They were awesome! Thanks for your good shit.



Jamie, you're making us blush. We sure appreciate it!

. . . just want to let you guys know
that I can't find any other seasoning
anywhere near as good as yours!!!!!



Taylor, we're glad to help out! Hope the birthday is great!

Oh, I'm so excited! It's for my boyfriend, who LOVES Special Shit. I thought I'd get him another flavor to try, too. I am doing a "grilling themed" gift this year. A bit cheesy, I know, but he'll love it! Thanks so much!



Patsy, we really appreciate your kind words and are so glad that you are satisfied with your order. Thanks for checking out our website!

Yes sir, I really am thankful for the experience I have had with yall. I had sent you an e-mail earlier this week concerning the tracking of my package. I also heard your voicemail last night after work and couldn't reply back. It's been so busy at work lately but now I have a chance to appreciate how you guys treat your customers and how worry about our concerns. I have recieved my orders today from UPS at work and would like to tell you that you have won my trust as a customer, and will be ordering all my shit supplies from your website.

Thanks again!!


Well, we don't sell shit unless it's absolutely perfect, so we hope you think our new Bull Shit was worth the wait. Thanks!

About time !!
LOVE your products. I tell all my friends and use the 3-pack seasoning as gifts.  Keep up the excellent work.

D Greer


Now that is some seriously funny shit. And we are thankful that the customs officers didn't get their leiderhosen in a twist. Thanks Spartacus!


Servus Dan,
The Get Your Sh*t Together spices are a big hit in Bavaria, the Land of Lederhosen Hobbits.
My mother recently sent me the 3 Shits for my birthday. The Bavarian customs police sent a notification in the mail that a package from Louisiana was retained for observation and could be retrieved only in person at their office. My wife drove to the customs police office (about 10 km away on near the Bavarian/Austrian border) to retrieve the package. We both thought: "Oh shit, what has she sent now!"
My wife explained that my mother from New Orleans sends all kinds of strange things, and opened the Good Shit to let the customs police have a smell and determine this was merely spices.
They all had a good laugh.
My wife offered the customs police officers so take some of the Shit, but they laughed and said: "No thanks, we are not allowed to take any Shit!"
My wife came home with a shit-eating grin and told me to close my eyes while she unpacked the Shits.
I said: "Oh God, what is this shit?"
My wife said: "No, it's Good Shit, Aw Shit and Special Shit!"
And it is! My Bavarian friends do not hesitate to accept an invitation when I cook dishes with Shit spices. Great spices - thanks so much!

Expatriat Coonass New Orleans Yat living in the Land of Bavarian Lederhosen Hobbits


Thanks Tamra! We're glad that, for once, giving your boss Shit can be a good thing!

Michelle and Dan -
First just wanted to let you know the feedback we have gotten from
doctors that we sent your product to has been overwhelming -GREAT
GIFT- can't wait to try it and what a great idea.

Whew I guess I will keep my job for a while!!!



That's too funny... we just hope they didn't find some excuse to "confiscate" it!

Austin TSA was very interested in inspecting my Special Shit and in fact insisted on opening one...



Tommi, we sure do appreciate hearing compliments like these. Business is great, and word-of-mouth is a big reason... so, thanks!! It's people like you who make us love our job.

We just wanted to send our compliments!  We started using Special Shit several years ago after seeing it in a local feed & hardware store near us.  We were originally drawn in by the great sense of humor on the containers, but once we tried it, it became a regular in everyday cooking in our home.  We also have tried and enjoy Good Shit, Dip Shit, and Hot Shit, but nothing compares to SS.  We have been giving it all away to family and friends for some time (I think we've run out of both by now!) and can only hope that our efforts, however small, have brought you repeat business.  It's a superb line of seasonings.  Don't stop!



Sounds like another story of triumph over adversity. Justin, we're glad to hear from you, and glad we could help!


Hey Guys,
I had to relay this story to you guys. Earlier this year, me and a few friends had made our annual trek to the Sabine River for some white bass fishing. My plan for one night's meal was red beans and rice with sausage. I had inadvertantly left my seasonings at home, but my buddy Raul breaks out a can of Special Shit Seasonings. I was skeptical, but I tasted it and was pleasantly surprised. I seasoned up a big ole pot of red beans with your shit, and the word "AWESOME" comes to mind. I will never season up another pot of beans with anything else. Feel free to post this endorsement in anyway you see fit. Keep up the fine work!




We here at the Big Cock Ranch believe strongly in teamwork, and it looks like John + Shit + Chicken equals a winning team. Congrats on your wins, John!

Great shit!!!! I stumbled on your products at Dandys western wear on my way back from Dallas. I loved the name so I bought it. I cook in IBCA cook offs. I decided to try it for a change. I used it on my chicken placed 4th with it. It was a great cook off. I placed in every other category. Thanks for the help on the chicken. I'm going to experiment with it on my other meats.

I have another guy that I use his rub on everything else. He said, “Did you use my rub on the chicken?” My reply was, “No, I used the Good Shit!!” His face was priceless. This story will be on the BBQ Superstars radio show at some point. Thanks again for the Good Shit!!!

John C.


We always knew that Shit was versatile, but Darryl really makes a solid case for it! That was pretty funny (and true). Thanks Darryl!

This seems appropriate for all y’all to read and enjoy!

 Darryl Flinn – a very satisfied and addicted Ohio customer


The Most Functional Word in the English Language

Well, it's shit... That's right, shit!

Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language.

You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit.

Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and Shinola.

There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits.

There is bullshit, horse shit, and chicken shit.

You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan.

You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle.

You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit.

Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty.

Some music sounds like shit, things can look like shit, and there are times when you feel like shit.

You can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or a lot of weird shit.

You can carry shit, have a mountain of shit, or find yourself up shits creek without a paddle.

Sometimes your breath smells like shit.

Sometimes everything you touch turns to shit and other times you fall in a bucket of shit and come out smelling like a rose.

When you stop to consider all the facts, it's the basic building block of the English language.

And remember, once you know your shit, you don't need to know anything else!!

You could pass this along, if you give a shit; or not do so if you don't give a shit!

Well, shit, it's time for me to go.

Just wanted you to know that I do give a shit and hope you had a nice day without a bunch of shit.

But, if you happened to catch a load of shit from some shit-head........... Well, Shit Happens!!!



Barbara, we are so happy that you are so happy! We hope all the boys are happy too. Thanks!

You Rock!!!!

Fast service great product!!!!!
I will order again.....these are Father's Day presents for all the
boys in the family!!!

Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!
Amazed & Impressed



Thanks for sharing this, Dan; sounds like y'all had a great time! And congrats to your son; that was a really nice fish! I suppose Special Shit could be considered survival gear after that trip.

Just wanted to say that we just got back from Mammoth Lakes, CA (camping with cousins).

Special Shit was incredible on our TriTip (Weber BBQ) and on my kids 4.5lb trout that he caught. Half Aw Shit and the other half Special Shit. Everybody loved it. 

Now, I am half way through the bottle of Special Shit because it tasted great on the potatoes as well!!!!

Here is the photo of my 12 year old son's trout. Trout did not know the "SHIT" he was in for when he got caught!!

Thanks Dan!!!


nice trout

looks tasty


Well Ken, I have to say... we are honored. Convert stories are extra special to all of us here at the Big Cock Ranch, because we also fancy ourselves to be outdoor cook supremes. We're so glad you took the Special Shit challenge! We hope you get to try out our other flavors too, to help clear out even more space in your spice rack.

My daughter knows I am an outdoor cook supreme. I have used Lawry's Seasoned Salt for many years so was curious to see how the Special Shit All Purpose seasoning she gave me for Christmas would stack up against Lawry's. I am very pleased to say that I am now a convert to SS Seasoning. The garlic and chili powder add just the right touch to greatly improve the flavor of steak and pork chops I have used it on. I even threw away a partial jar of Lawry's and will use Special Shit exclusively. I also look forward to using other Special Shit products, especially the Special Shit BBQ sauce. Keep the good products coming.



I’m just guessing, but I bet he is a Special Shit convert.  Congrats Bill, glad we could help.

My wife and I have a turkey cookoff every year. Sadly, we have lost the contest every year since we started. This year I decided to use the Special Shit recipe for their fabulous marinade injection. Wouldn’t ya know it... we won First Place this year!

Thanks for your help!


Turkey Champ

Turkey Champ 2


Alecia, thank you for the compliments! Our team works really hard to make sure our customers are happy, especially around this time of year, so it really means a lot for us to receive the positive feedback. We hope you enjoy the Shit!

From a very satisfied customer in Texas, Gulf Coast Area.

Just a brief note to say what an unbelievable surprise to experience (in the month of December, 2 weeks before Christmas), placing an order one day and receiving it the very next (no overnight shipping requested).

I sit here in utter awe at the customer service in that endeavor, having placed orders with other merchants 2-3 weeks ago and am still waiting for the merchandise to arrive. THANK YOU!!!
Keep up the good shit!



60 to 200 steaks every Saturday night?! Joseph, we salute you. We're just glad to do our part.


I just wanted to say thank you very much! You guys are awesome!
I needed this for this Saturday because I ran out unexpectedly, I
ordered this Sunday and BAM it's here Thursday! I use this every
Saturday night at a park called KQ Ranch where I grill anywhere
from 60 to sometimes 200 steaks! I'll be ordering again! Thank you
so much again!



It looks like Chicken Shit really rules the roost! Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback. We're really glad you're enjoying it!


“You really nailed it with the Chicken Shit” – Bill

“I had a baked potato with Chicken Shit on it and it was Awesome. CS is a winner” – Charlie

“This [Chicken Shit] may be your best ever seasoning” – Chris


We sure appreciate the compliment, and we always were confident that our products are thouroughly enjoyed by men (and women) of leisure. Thank you for confirming that for us, and we applaud your ambition to try the whole collection (at your leisure, of course)!


I just ordered The Whole Shit and Kaboodle; can’t get any better than that!!!!
I already used up my Bull Shit, that’s why I went for everything.
Tastes Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

-Man of Leisure


Well Shit, Gary, we wish you success with your book! And we certainly appreciate you mentioning us in your stolen recipes; we take that as a tremendous compliment.


Just wanted to thank you for your Special Shit. I just finished writing a cookbook, called Recipes I’’ve Stolen and featured Special Shit throughout the book. It is amazing. Thank you again.

-Gary Saulter


Well, thanks Al! We always appreciate a compliment, and we enjoy it even more when people are enjoying our seasonings. And, now we know why the lines are so long at the airport!


Just placed my first order.

My sister-in-law bought some Special Shit when she was in California last year, and when she went to fly home, the TSA guys saw it in her carry-on, and took it out to inspect it (several
gathered around to inspect her Special Shit). They opened it and
broke the seal (which my sister-in-law said was bullshit (not to be confused with Big Cock Ranch’s Bull Shit) and even tasted it, apparently confusing it with some other Special Shit available in California. After that story (and after tasting some Bull Shit on
my Memorial Day steak), I had to have some of that Special Shit of my own, and Bull Shit, and Aw Shit.

Thanks for the great product.



We try, we really do. It's hard not to when you look (er, taste) this good.


Look at this,

We are in South Dakota, pheasant hunting, having dinner at our lodge, and they announced that tonight's dinner, lamb and buffalo, was seasoned with Special Shit.

You really get around.


Well Jason, we certainly appreciate the feedback! Our goal is to please people's palates as well as make them chuckle. The best part is seeing so many repeat customers. Thank you!


I just wanted to let your company know that I enjoy purchasing your products that I can actually use. Your company is doing an awesome job and I just wanted to let you guys know.

Thank You

-Jason B.


Well Donna, thank you so much for the kind words! Hearing from our happy customers never gets old.


Hey, got some "Good Shit & Chicken Shit" for a gift (had never heard of it) ... BOTH ARE GREAT!!!!! Won't be without it again!!! That Chicken Shit made the best & juiciest tender chicken ever & I use the Good Shit on everything!!!! They are awesome & great for gifts!!! Don't know of any stores around that carry it but now that I have your site, I will be ordering & turning all my friends onto all your "shit"!!!!!



We are thrilled to hear you are doing so much for our veterans on such an important day. Thank you, and happy Independence Day!


Dear Dan,

I can honestly say that I have never taken shit from anyone, but you take the cake. What Phil
and I are doing on the 4th of July is serving our nation. We belong to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and auxiliary. We will be doing our usual 4th celebration by leading a small parade in our honor guard uniforms and USA flags. It is only a few blocks long and is held in the small town of Columbia, California. It will be hotter than blazes(Aw Shit hot) but nothing like what our
veterans have done to keep America free. I love cooking with all the Shit you can throw at me.

-from a 78 year old woman whom is full of it.


We love hearing news like this! Congrats on your big wins, Brett!


I'm the "Grillin Bulldog"

Took home Grand Champion yesterday with the help of your seasonings! Finished 2nd in Chicken, tied 3rd for pulled pork, and 4th in ribs. With overall score that gave me 1st! I use a
combo of Special Shit, Aw Shit, and a little brown sugar for my rub on the shoulder and ribs! Thanks for making an awesome seasoning!!

The competition is called Squeals and Wheels and it's our second annual. It's part of a car show/BBQ competition. This year I won it all, thanks in part to your seasonings. I use a mix of Special Shit, Aw Shit, and some brown sugar. I use it as a rub on my pork butts and ribs. Bought some quite a while back mainly because the name (not gonna lie it was quite
catchy) but just love the flavor, so I use it on everything. Also have Chicken Shit and Bull Shit.



Aw Shit! Congrats, Joe! We always love hearing good things that we can somehow trace back to ourselves for bragging purposes, haha. I just wish we were there to try those wings. Nice going!


Just to let you know it works... Used your Aw Shit spice on wings I entered in a local wing fest and took 1st place (see picture). Love all of the spices I have purchased so far.


Joe H


Well shit, Rod, thanks-- we love it! (And thanks for putting our packaging to shame!)


Just wanted to share my shit kit with you.




Sandi, that is so funny! We love hearing stories like yours and are so happy to have impressed your taste buds. Thanks so much for taking a chance on our products!


I was in Texas for the first time ever last summer for work. I wanted to bring back a souvenir for my husband that wasn't a bottle opener or a t-shirt. Found your seasonings in a little shop and loved the name, so I brought a bottle of Bull Shit back to Canada with me. We absolutely LOVE it! We won't use anything else on our steaks anymore and I just finished ordering another bottle online, along with 3 other flavors to try. I'm sure they'll be just as delicious!



Ron, what a nice letter. It's our pleasure to help spread joy and laughter, and we wouldn't be able to do it nearly as well without support from people just like you. Thank you so much!



I have been a regular supporter of your rubs forever... well at least for 10 years.

I just wanted to take a second and thank you for being there and delivering joy and laughter as we spread your spices around the world.

Happy Easter, take care and enjoy your life on the ranch.




Congratulations to the PorkChop Mafia! We love hearing about this kind of shit. Great job, y'all!



Our 1st contest of the year, we came out as overall Grand Champion.

1st Place chicken with Chicken Shit Seasoning
1st Place Ribs with Good Shit Seasoning
2nd Place in Pork with Good Shit Seasoning

Thank you for your Support !!!

Jackie & The PorkChop Mafia


Eric, enthusiastic feedback like this is always appreciated. We love knowing that our products make people happy. Thanks for making our day!


I have used both the Bull Shit and the Chicken Shit on my food and WOW! I am super impressed! I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It is by far, THE BEST! The Bull Shit seasoning also goes great on my potato wedges! Five Stars and two thumbs up! Y’all have me as a customer for life!